EclipCity Global Review | The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

Eclipcity Global Review

In this Review of Eclipcity Global, find out if there is actually any passive ROI to be earned or if its just another BS deal designed to line the pockets of the owner and his besties.

What you will find out in this review is if there is any TRUTH to what the Network Marketers are leading with:

  • Smart contract cannot be changed
  • Can’t be stopped
  • Not controlled by anyone
  • Works strictly according to its protocol

The Company and Founder:

This is the 4th Smart Contract Venture created by Sweden’s own Andreas Kartrud. He is a very well known marketer and company owner in the MLM Underbelly world.

Andreas Kartrud Eclipcity Global Founder
Andreas Kartrud Eclipcity Global Founder

From mid to late 2020, there were 3 other ‘Smart Contract’ systems that Kartrud came out with (that scammed out and collapsed shortly after):

1- Etherchain — June 2020 (lasted only 3 months).

2- Tronchain — August 2020 (lasted only 5 months).

3- Cyberchain — September 2020 (still up but barely running).

What I have seen online especially on You Tube is the very same people were seen promoting all of them simultaneously.

And since they all seemed like clones of each other, they kind of were competing against each other which leads me to my next point…

The Good of Eclipcity:

The 3 previous systems Kartrud came out with didn’t do so well and were clearly not set up for the long term.

Why is this good?

It’s good because most people that used to fall for the usual ‘smart contract’ spiel seem to be smartening up the fact that none of these smart contracts are safe or passive.

Hence why they don’t last long and collapse shortly after.

The good is less people are being gullible and getting scammed.

The Bad:

Get All The Facts and Full Review ‘Before’ Joining:

The Eclipcity Global Product Line:

There are literally no products what so ever and retail is non existent. The only thing an affiliate can market is the make TRX memberships themselves.

Statistics reveal that companies who don’t have any retail or product line, aren’t set up for the long term.

The Eclipcity Global Compensation Plan:

People sign up in hopes of earning a passive ROI of 310%. If they are lucky enough to hit that goal, investors will have to re-invest to keep earning.

Eclipcity Global Compensation Plan Image
Eclipcity Global Compensation Plan Image

Returns promised are claiming to be up to 1% daily.

Eclipcity Global Affiliate Ranks:

There are 10 ranks in total and affiliates move through the ranking system based on their ability to recruit passive people into the scheme along with them convincing their down line to invest as much as possible.

  • *Important Note: You must be able to refer at least 3 people into the deal before you can take part of the affiliate program fully.

Matching Bonuses: Eclipcity Global uses a Uni level comp plan which is quite standard to pay out the matching bonuses to a depth of 12 levels deep.

Cost To Join Eclipcity Global:

A minimum investment of 500 TRX is needed but once a 310% return is met, re-investment will be needed to keep earning.

Full participation in the Eclipcity Global compensation model will require investment of 701,000 to 1,000,000 TRON.

Eclipcity Global The Conclusion:

The Ugly:

There is NO Passive Opportunity Here

Most investors are being duped into a deal that clearly has no external revenue being shown to pay investors.

The reality:

These so called smart contracts can be manipulated. They clearly have admins (Andreas and his best buddies).

They can be stopped (2 of his previous smart contract schemes have collapsed already and the third one is on its way out).

I don’t see any ‘passive’ ROI what so ever. However, if there was then they would need to register with the Security Regulators in any country that they are being promoted as a passive TRX Crypto Opportunity.

Most likely the authorities will never get involved here.

The SEC and the like already have their hands full with an endless stream of Crypto MLM Scams.

What will end up happening here with Eclipcity Global is once Network Marketing Recruitment dies down, so will the scheme and Andreas Kartrud and his best buddies (that are pre loaded / manipulated into the MLM plan) will do a scam runner exit with everyone’s stalled TRON.

And they will sip out of coconuts on the beaches of the world (with your dime).

Then they will start the deal all over again in another name and the same people that lost money before will re-join and re-invest!

This concludes my Eclipcity Global Review.

Rory Singh has been an Author and Publisher online since 2006.

Rory Singh The Author
Rory Singh The Author

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