Onpassive Global Review 2020— Legit AI Automated Business or Scam?

Type of company: MLM / AI / Automation

Before I get into this Review of Onpassive Global, I want you to know that I am not affiliated with them in any way. I was asked by one of my viewers on my You Tube channel to do a review of this opportunity.

While doing some investigation on this opportunity, I found some info on BehindMLM.com and Jesse Singh’s You Tube Channel indicating that this is not the first time around that this platform is attempting to launch.

Apparently back in April 2019 the founder pulled the plug on the last launch stating basically that he was overloaded.

Onpassive Global The Company:

Onpassive Global is an AI Tech company launched by Ash Mufareh. Ash is the also the leader of one of the biggest teams for GDI (a network marketing company established years ago).

Ash has a very impressive background:

Mr Mufareh holds a degree in Masters of Information Technology & eCommerce (MIT). He also attended Harvard University to learn in details the essentials of online business concepts and how to create a successful one that would help everyone improve their business and most importantly, have a guaranteed earning. A Master marketer with twenty years of experience in internet marketing, he came up with a totally new kind of business model that no one has seen before. This business model is only of its kind that everything required for an entrepreneur on a single platform.

Being a family man, Mr Mufareh clearly understands the value of spending time with family and how important it is to have freedom in everyday life and lifestyle.

Watch The Full Review:

Onpassive and Gofounders Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services. However they do have ‘proprietary’ marketing products on the back end of memberships.

Comp Plan:

3 X 10 (4 tiered) Matrix standard comp plan.

Cost To Join:

Price to start up ranges between $25 — $600 depending on what tier you position with.


Onpassive and Gofounders seem to be the second time in launch mode. The first created the company back in 2018.

Launched officially in 2019.

CEO and founder pulled the plug on the first launch back in April 2019 for personal reasons.

My Verdict:

It looks like a legit company with what appears to be a real head quartered address in India.

The founder has a very impressive background with MIT, Harvard and MLM history.

The products seem to offer customers and users value.

The comp plan is decent.

For me (as a non affiliate) it seems like a good opportunity just as long as it actually launches this time around.

This concludes my Onpassive and Gofounders Review for 2020.

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